Cancer Therapy

We offer holistic support for patients undergoing chemotherapy for serious cancers. 

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin C Therapy: This involves the administration of Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream. This delivery system is very powerful because it allows the plasma concentration of Vitamin C to reach levels high enough to kill cancer cells. A special formulation of aqueous Vitamin C is used as all other forms of Vitamin C cannot be administered IV. 

Vitamin C at high blood concentrations does not work as an anti-oxidant but instead acts as a pro-oxidant. When given intravenously, Vitamin C in the blood has been shown to generate the production of hydrogen peroxide that directly kills cancer cells in the early stages of cancer.

Normal cells have the ability to neutralize the effects of hydrogen peroxide via catalase whereas cancer cells do not. This mechanism of action is similar to some conventional chemotherapies, but without the toxic side-effects.

LDN Therapy: Low Dose Naltrexone can be used to boost the immune system, activating the body's natural defense mechanisms. LDN has also been shown to help patients deal with the effects of their cancer. 


We partner with FIDOCURE to analyze cancer and develop a lifetime oral medication treatment protocol using tyrosine kinase inhibitors for cancer patients. This is the same process that is used on people. To learn more, visit

We also have the ability to create an autologous cancer vaccine from the tumor we remove from your pet using TORIGEN. This can serve as a stand alone treatment or be used in conjunction with other therapies. To learn more, visit

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