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Our philosophy is that every pet and every pet owner deserves our respect and our best care. We are holistic veterinarians in that our approach to medical care emphasizes all aspects of your pet's health including physical, environmental, nutritional, and emotional factors. No two pets are alike, and no two pet owners are alike. Holistic care is much more involved and individualized than conventional care, and there is no "one size fits all" philosophy at Arch Beach Veterinary Clinic.

When you decide to entrust the care of your pet to us, we are working together to form a healthcare team.

After a thorough examination, we are going to make recommendations on what we truly feel your pet needs. We will make the very best recommendation, not because we want to run up a huge bill, but because you are paying us to evaluate your pet and you deserve to know what the best treatment option is. We would not be doing our job to the best of our ability if we did not discuss this. We have to charge for the services we perform, but we will not make recommendations or perform services just to pad your bill. We will always try to work within your budget to give your pet the best care that you feel comfortable with. 

Why do our consultations cost more? You are getting an individualized conventional medicine and/or holistic consultation for your pet, not a "cookie cutter" approach. In addition, once you become part of the Arch Beach family, you will have 24/7/365 access to Dr. Gordon via text or email. This means that he is always available to you for a medical question, opinion,  or advice  (including weekends, after hours, and holidays). If you believe that is worth something,  you should be a client here. 

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