There is no other place that I would take my two dogs than Arch Beach. I have brought both of my dogs here for years and have never been steered wrong. Honest, forthright, trustworthy - these are just a few of the terms I would use to describe everyone at Arch Beach. The office is always clean, they are not adverse to holistic options and will not put your pet on medication "just because." What more could you ask for?!?! They are affordable, always call with a follow up call to make sure the dogs are doing great after a visit and speak not in "medical speak" but put things in real terms. I would highly recommend Arch Beach Vet Clinic to ANYONE!!

Neil A, Laguna Beach

After almost 10 very healthy years, our golden retriever developed a host of problems and was on various antibiotics and other meds for a number of months. I decided to search for a holistic veterinarian who would look at the big picture and help find the possible underlying cause to all of his issues. Dr. Gordon's name kept coming up in my searches. After reading a number of very positive reviews, I decided to approach him for an evaluation. He discovered a number of fatty tumors and several with more suspicious-looking cells that had to be surgically removed.

Dr. Gordon and staff were genuinely concerned about my dog's welfare and my level of comfort with his surgical procedure. Dr. Gordon communicated with me throughout the day and evening to monitor his condition. I have never experienced this level of care and concern from any of my previous vets or human physicians. I would heartily recommend Dr. Gordon and Arch Beach Veterinary Hospital.

Peggy H. Laguna Niguel

One of my clients told me about Dr. Gordon and I called him right away for a consultation. My dog had a cyst (cancer) on her paw and I was very worried about her. Dr. Gordon took his time to explain everything and after my permission, he removed the cyst on same day. He (not any of his assistants) called me a few times to ask about my dog. He knew how worried I was and even though he was out of town, he emailed me almost every day when I sent him pictures of the healing process. When it comes to your pet, it's all about trusting your vet. I did trust him and I wasn't disappointed. Thank you again Dr. Gordon for taking care of my Lucy!

Sherwin B. Mission Viejo

I continue to brag to anyone who will listen about finding the best animal care in the area. Dr. Gordon and his team genuinely care and it is easy to see. We recently had a scare with our pug. Dr. Gordon's determination to keep her alive, knowledge, and his caring staff are to thank for her still being with us. He continued to check on us throughout the night and through the flowing days. The whole staff was informative, honest, sincere, and kind. THANK YOU Dr. Gordon!

Amanda S. Laguna Niguel

All of us who have pets know that they are not just a pets, they are our children. We want the best for them. The best treatment and the best care. I love the attention Gracie gets when she goes in to see a Dr. Gordon. Like most animals that go see a doctor, she gets so nervous but they literally love on her as if she were their own! Dr. Gordon is very thorough when it comes to understanding any issues she may have. He is available via email anytime I have questions or need better understanding on something. Loving my Gracie and being available anytime, that's awesome customer service! I highly recommend Arch Beach to anyone who wants VIP treatment for their pets aka children.

Alicia L. Dana Point

The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. I feel so much at ease when bringing our loved pets for their first and follow up appointments. The staff and Dr. Gordon do an AMAZING job of explaining every part of the process involving treatment plans, recommendations, nutrition, guidance, etc. All our trust has been in this office and they have not disappointed. If I could give more stars, I would. What other doctor's office would give you 2 follow up calls after your pet's first appointment?!?! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Jesualdo S. Aliso Viejo

We came to Arch Beach veterinary hospital because our kitty has seizures, we wanted her to have alternative medicine, homeopathic and acupuncture not just Western medicine... Each time we bring her to see Dr Gordon she has acupuncture and her seizures duration and frequency are less she feels better longer.

Dr.Gordon is soft spoken and gentle, he listens to my concerns he has gone over and above what most veterinarys have done for my animals. He stays in touch with me by email when necessary and I truly like that. I highly recommend him. The staff does there best to assist me, always concerned about my pet.

This is a busy hospital and because they do their best is why it is busy, if you have to wait it's worth it.

See for yourself.

Dee F. Laguna Beach

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