Pet Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) which has been practiced for over 5000 years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory holds that Qi (vital energy) flows throughout the body along energetic channels called meridians. Each meridian is also associated with a specific internal organ which reflects the physiological and pathological conditions of that organ. The meridians connect the exterior of the body with the interior.

Acupuncture points are located along these meridians, and when stimulated can relieve pain and restore normal body functions. Acupuncture points have specific locations and effects and have been documented over millenia. From a Western perspective, acupuncture has been shown to stimulate a variety of sensory nerves in the body that transmit the signal through the nervous system to the brain, which then releases various chemicals that produce multiple physiologic effects that activate the body’s homeostatic regulatory mechanisms.

Acupuncture Techniques

Dr. Gordon employs traditional acupuncture with dry needles, but prefers aquapuncture.  Aquapuncture involves the injection of saline, Vitamin B12, or other liquids into specified acupuncture points. This is often quicker, easier, and more effective for the pets we see. We have found that dry needling with traditional acupuncture needles is often wrought with difficulties for the pets and their owners, but we certainly can do that if requested. 

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