Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine used to treat osteoarthritis, as well as other injuries, to bones, joints, tendons and spinal cords. The goal of stem cell therapy in dogs is to regenerate tissue in the part of a body that has been damaged from a disease, or is losing function. It is a relatively common procedure and its use is actually increasing. Stem cell therapy is the most effective when it is done early in the disease process.

Stem cell treatment is a two step process. In the first step, fat is collected from the patient, and the stem cells are isolated by a very sophisticated and specialized laboratory procedure. 48 hours later, the stem cells are delivered for injection directly into the affected joint, affected organ, and/or intravenously.

Over 80% of dog owners report improvements after stem cell therapy, making it an effective treatment option. There are alternatives to stem cell therapy. Traditionally vets have been treating degenerative joint diseases with supplements and anti-inflammatory medication and/or surgery. Stem Cell therapy offers a viable alternative to those treatments.

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